Creative Applications

We use new generation technologies. We create 3D-2D animations, 2D animated graphics, public service announcements, publicity films, documentaries, television programs, story videos, social media visuals, short films, visual designs, news bulletins, special interviews, campaign contents, presentations, data visualisation and similar creative applications together will all of their processes.

Communication Training

We convey our sectoral experience of 25+ years in the field of communication to our participants through mostly practical workshops. We design the contents based on the needs of the groups. We work with groups of 3 to 12 people in these workshops.

Communication Consultancy

For corporate structures and projects, we undertake goal-oriented material, media and budget planning and select and manage proper suppliers when necessary. We identify needs in identity formation and positioning, provide solutions, prepare technical specifications and manage the processes. We create solutions on your behalf in terms of selecting and managing creative teams.

About Us

Diverse minds in communication: We established IDEKAF in 2013. We learned how to do the works
we have been doing for years once again by using innovation. We create valuable content. We also deal with the implementation
of the contents we create. We love to ponder over our work. We understand, plan and move.
If our customers are happy, then we are happy!